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When a fire damages your Black Lick home, who should you call

SERVPRO of Indiana County responded to this Black Lick homeowner. We arrived to the home and assessed the damage. It was pretty significant. We began the restor... READ MORE

Devastation in the form of a house fire

Some house fires are caught and put out by the homeowner, and others require a team of firefighters to extinguish the flames. This Homer City house fire requir... READ MORE

Apartment Fire

Our team was brought in to clean up and repair this apartment building after it was severely damaged by a large fire that swept through the facility. As you can... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Kitchen

The kitchen pictured here was damaged by a large fire that impacted not only this apartment but the entire apartment building. As you can see the damage was sev... READ MORE

Responding to Apartment Fire

Our team responded quickly when called to clean up and repair this apartment after a fire tore through the interior of the home. The living room pictured here w... READ MORE

Indiana County Home with Water Loss

Bedroom Falls Apart After Water and Humidity Damage The ceiling in this bedroom had fallen in from the amount of humidity that had gathered at the top. The fami... READ MORE

Commercial Property Flooded By Frozen Water Main

When temperatures dipped down below freezing, a water main froze and caused the flooding you see in this structure. SERVPRO of Indiana County was quick to respo... READ MORE

Cleanup After Stormwater Intrusion

SERVPRO of Indiana County was tasked with the cleanup and repair of this home after heavy rains caused a stormwater intrusion that caused the damage you see her... READ MORE

How does water damage affect flooring?

The floor in this home was damaged by water from a pipe that broke. Water can affect flooring in different ways and are addressed by our certified and trained t... READ MORE

Mold On Hutch

Mold thrives on moisture. That is why it is critical to deal with a water loss quickly because if moisture is left for 24-48 hours, mold like this will begin to... READ MORE