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Is It Possible To Restore a Painting With Mold Damage?

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Many paintings with mold damage can be cleaned and restored. This process may be painstaking and costly, so homeowners should consider the value of artwork prior to pursuing mold remediation. Mold cleaning experts can determine which treatment will cause the least additional damage to a work of art.

Cleaning Methods

Restoration experts will assess the materials used in a painting and the degree of damage before attempting restoration. Professionals may use several methods:

  • Loosening mold with a soft brush and gently removing spores with an attachment on a HEPA-filtered vacuum
  • Spot-cleaning mold with diluted isopropyl alcohol
  • Treating the back of a painting with diluted alcohol or antifungal cleaning agent

Even though some of these methods do not require specialized equipment, homeowners should not attempt to remove mold from a painting. Paints and materials can react to cleaning solutions and methods in unpredictable ways.

Types of Paint

Owners should be aware of the materials used in artwork so that mold cleaning professionals can make accurate recommendations. Here are pointers for several common paint types:

  • Acrylics are water-soluble and prone to damage while wet
  • Oils may behave unexpectedly when exposed to chemicals
  • Watercolors are not suited for damp cleaning methods

Some paintings also have protective varnishes. Mold remediation experts should consider the chemical composition of artwork when determining the best cleaning methods.

Frames and Glass

Frames and glass may also require cleaning. Stretcher frames can be cleaned with diluted alcohol or antifungal agents. Other types of frames or glass may be treated with diluted bleach. Experts will perform a discreet patch test.

Seek advice on restoring a mold-damaged painting from a mold cleaning service in Homer City, PA. It is a good idea to contact a restoration service as soon as a painting is exposed to moisture. If mold is already growing, homeowners should contact experts prior to making any attempt at restoration.

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