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Young man in orange SERVPRO t-shirt with blue gloves removing wet damaged materials from bedroom

Water will damage all materials in your home

We responded to a call from a homeowner who experienced flooding in their home due to the recent heavy rains. Our team began by removing all the damaged and unsalvageable materials like carpeting and baseboards.

Did the recent rains leave your home or business with water damage?

SERVPRO of Indiana County will respond to your call for help. We are always ready to help you when your property has water damage. We can handle any size loss and we will make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Restoration in Indiana County

This home suffered fire damage and the soot covered 95% of the home. SERVPRO of Indiana County worked tirelessly to remove all the smoke and soot damage. We were able to restore this home to its former glory.

Water mitigation at its finest

SERVPRO of Indiana County knows how to dry your home or business after water has damaged it.  We are always prepared with the proper equipment to dry each space as needed. We are ready 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

After The Fire

This picture was taken after we finished repairing this home. The home had been severely damaged by a large fire that affected multiple rooms. If your home suffers a fire loss, give us a call!

Staircase In Previously Fire Damaged Home

This staircase looks good now, but before we arrived on the scene, it was heavily damaged by a fire that affected this entire home. If your home suffers damage from a fire loss, give us a call.

Formerly Soot Covered Sink

This sink looks amazing now, but before our team arrived on the scene, it had been covered in soot from a large fire that swept through this home. Call SERVPRO if you have fire damage!

Ben And Jayme

Jayme Houck (pictured on the left) is the Disaster Program Manager at the local chapter of the American Red Cross. They recently asked us to store their new disaster trailer and we were pleased to be able to do so!

The New American Red Cross Disaster Trailer

We were honored to be asked to store this trailer for the American Red Cross. This trailer houses enough supplies including cots, blankets, and other items for 50 people that have been displaced. If the need arises, we will pull it with one of our emergency response vehicles.

Kitchen Fire in PA

This home suffered from a kitchen fire.  There was significant amounts of smoke and soot damage. The kitchen was ripped out by SERVPRO and replaced with new cabinets and appliances. 

Home Fire Damage

This home suffered from fire damage.  SERVPRO responded and boarded up the home to keep the weather out.  The home had smoke and soot damage.  The team immediately began restoration procedures. 

Electrical Fire in Attic

This home suffered from an electrical fire in the attic.  The home had significant amounts of soot and smoke stains.  The content was boxed up and cleaned and restored back to pre fire conditions. 

Mold growing after Water Loss

Mold can grow quickly after a water loss.  This home suffered from significant amounts of mold growing.  SERVPRO was called and immediately responded to clean and treat.  Contact us 24/7 for your mold remediation. 

Storm Damage in Basement

This basement suffered from storm damage.  Water was coming from ceiling causing water loss in the floor.  SERVPRO came in and quickly began clean up procedures.  They quickly restored back to normal conditions. 

Apartment Winter Freeze

It is important to ensure your pipes don't freeze in the winter.  This apartment suffered from pipes freezing due to freezing temperatures. SERVPRO responded and extracted the water from the homes. 

Sprinkler System Malfunction

This sprinkler system malfunctioned causing water damage in this building. The ceiling tiles were damaged.  SERVPRO responded and cleaned up after the system was repaired.  They replaced the ceiling tiles and dried the area. 

Church Ceiling after Storm

This church ceiling suffered water damage after a storm hit the area.  SERVPRO came in and replaced the ceiling and extracted the water from the floor.  They used air movers to dry the floor preventing future damages.

Mold Removal

SERVPRO has professional cleaning techniques to remove mold from your home or business.  This wall was covered with mold.  They used cleaning solutions and equipment to remove the mold from the wall. 

Kitchen Mold under Cabinets

Mold was found under this kitchen cabinet due to a small faucet leak.  Water was leaking and since it wasn't seen, it was drying and mold began to grow. 

Air Movers for Drying

SERVPRO has professional drying equipment for your water loss.  The air movers are used for drying quickly. This home suffered from water loss on the carpet.  They used air movers to dry under the carpet. 

Flood Water Loss

There was significant amounts of water on the floor after a pipe busted.  SERVPRO has professional drying equipment to dry the area quickly.  They responded and quickly began extracting the water. 

Water Loss Outside after Water Break

This museum suffered from a water loss after a pipe was hit.  The weather was below freezing and snow was on the ground causing the water to freeze on sidewalks and streets.  

Air Movers in Kitchen after Water Loss

This kitchen suffered from a water loss.  SERVPRO responded immediately to significant amounts of water in the floor.  They responded and extracted the water from the floor and used air movers for drying. 

Water Damage from Pipe Leak

This home suffered from significant amounts of water damage to the entire home.  There was a pipe bust in the wall causing water to damage drywall and all content in the home. 

We can respond to any type storm damage

SERVPRO can respond to any type of storm damage at your home or business.  The team is ready to respond 24/7 immediately.  The team is trained and has the expertise for professional cleaning and reconstruction. 

Water Loss in Kitchen

This kitchen suffered from a water loss.  The water was behind the wall causing the plaster to bubble.  SERVPRO came in and dried the area and repaired the drywall in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Water Damage

This was the result of a broken water pipe in the ceiling. Water ran for about two days before anyone discovered it. In Many cases cabinetry can be salvage however in this case they needed to be replaced. SERVPRO was able to handle the mitigation and the repair work for the homeowner.

Mold can grow anywhere

Mold can grow anywhere.  SERVPRO has professionally trained technicians that can treat your mold immediately. This home suffered from mold after a water loss. The mold was cleaned and restored back to normal conditions. 

Mold after Water Loss

Mold can grow anywhere moisture is present.  After a water loss mold began to grow quickly where the water had been present for an amount of time.  SERVPRO cleaned and treated the mold immediately. 

Mold Clean up

Mold can grow quickly, it is important to treat as soon as the problem is found.  SERVPRO responded to this home and cleaned the mold off their belongings from a water loss in the home. 

Museum Water Loss after Pipe Break

This museum suffered from a water loss due to a pipe break.  There was significant amounts of water in the floor.  SERVPRO responded immediately and extracted the water from the floor and put air movers down to dry. 

Water Loss in Museum

This museum had significant amounts of water in the floor.  SERVPRO has professional drying equipment they can use to dry immediately.  Contact us 24/7 for your commercial restoration emergency. 

Cold winter

SERVPRO was called to help out during this cold winter storm. The home in this area had frozen pipes that broke and caused a lot of water damage. Our team was able to clean up all of the water, and get the right amount of drying equipment in place. 

Winter storm response

SERVPRO of Indiana County was quick to respond during this winter storm to help with water damage restoration at this residential home. Once on site, our team extracted all of the water and began placing drying equipment. 

Ready to respond this winter

SERVPRO of Indiana County is ready to respond, 24 hours a day this winter. If you have damage from snow or ice, we have crews that can help extract and dry the water damage. Let us know if we can help you! 

Fire Resposne

SERVPRO of Indiana County quickly responding to a fire loss in Indiana County. Our team is available 24 hours a day to help with any size fire loss. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime day or night. 

Cleanup Job

Pictured is our awesome SERVPRO tech during a commercial cleanup job in Indiana County! No job is too hard for SERVPRO. Give us a call anytime, we are always available and we are ¨Ready for Whatever Happens!¨ 

Drying Equipment Set Up

The drying equipment set up during the water loss restoration process in a home! The other day, our SERVPRO office received a call about a water loss in a home, we quickly responded and were able to get things back to normal!


While taking the SERVPRO car out for a drive, we spotted our awesome SERVPRO of Indiana billboard! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a cool picture. We are ready to respond any hour of the day, just one phone call away!

(724) 717-4098 


We take pride in of our branding. Keep an eye out for our fleet of SERVPRO service vehicles in your neighborhood.  You never know where one our Promaster vans or wrapped sales vehicles will be working!

Ready for the show!

A quick picture of our Homeshow setup! Our marketing staff participates in several shows throughout the year to showcase our fire and water restoration and other services we provide!  We also have pictures from the last event our Storm Team was dispatched to. 

Helping out!

one of our sales vehicles loaded for a day of water deliveries to fire departments in our franchise area.  It's just a small "Thank You" for the time and dedication they provide to the community.


Some of our different types of equipment. We currently own Air Movers, Axial Air Movers, Desiccant Dehumidifier, Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, Large Air Scrubbers, Air Scrubber 500s, Fire Birds, and a Heat Wagon. We are ready for whatever your needs may be!

Smoke and Odor Cleaning

This smoke and soot was caused by a garage fire in the basement. This bathroom was located 2 floors up. Our crews cleaned soot and ash from the 3 floors of the home. The sink on the left was before cleaning, and the sink on the right is after our crews cleaned.